Tonya Omar, PLLC dba The Aya Center is a woman-owned, CABHA (Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency), and CARF accredited, community-based mental health agency that was founded upon the belief that children and adults experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges deserve the opportunity to experience optimal health and to live at their maximum level of functioning when community supports and therapeutic service are appropriate and available. As a result of a deep concern with the need for comprehensive mental health and substantive youth development services in Durham, N.C., The Aya Center was established in 2003. We currently provide services in Wake and Durham Counties. We intend to provide Intensive In-Home services in Wake, Durham, Johnston and Cumberland Counties.
The corporate values governing The Aya Center’s development are:

· We value community life and community solutions that maintain the integrity of the family.
· We are dedicated to providing a service with high levels of accountability and quality, which will be offered to all families without exception.
· We believe that the family is the driving force in developing goals.
· We are committed to the use of proactive, holistic, practical approaches to supporting families in their environment.
· We believe that the power of giving is greater than the power of receiving.

The Aya Center has helped over 1,200 individuals and 250 families in North Carolina, Washington, DC and Atlanta, Georgia reach individual goals, and build a basis for a lifetime of positive growth, development and learning.


3700 Westgate Drive, Suite 101
Durham, NC 27707
Telephone: (919) 402-8738
Fax: (919) 869-2341

The Aya Center